Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind - Out Tomorrow

Just a heads up! (Yeah, not making that pun.) Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind is finally releasing tomorrow -- or in some areas, today! This is the long awaited DLC which was announced roughly a half a year ago, and was seen as the so called "Final Mix" version of KH3. While the exact details of the DLC were kept quiet, most of the major features were announced throughout the year. So if you want to go into this DLC blind, stop reading here, but if you'd like to know what you're getting (considering this is paid a $30 DLC) then here's a quick list of what you can expect:
  • New playable characters during a key section of the original game.
  • Altered/Expanded cutscenes.
  • New post game story content.
  • A new picture mode that lets you place characters, change the setting, etc.
  • New keyblades to unlock (complete with new forms and abilities).
  • A "Limit Cut" Episode which features 13 challenging boss battles.
  • A new difficulty modifier menu (similar to what was seen in Re:Coded).
  • At least one new area to explore.
  • And some other surprises.
As most of the DLC is post game content you do need to finish the original story to access it, but other changes can be seen throughout the base game.

In other news, Square announced that multiple new Kingdom Hearts development teams have been formed, and that we can expect news for upcoming KH games pretty soon. Of course it's unlikely we'll be getting IV anytime soon, but I guess we'll see.