PlayStation Plus - January 2020

PlayStation has announced the newest titles heading to PS Plus this month! This time around we are getting the Uncharted Collection, and Goat Simulator.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection -

This game is a collection of the original 3 Uncharted games released for the PS3. They follow the story of a man named Nathan Drake (obviously) as he travels the world in search of treasure and ancient legends. While the original Uncharted introduced us to the character's and world, Uncharted 2 is the game that put the series on the map. Mixing together cinematic set pieces, third person shooting, action platforming, and even stealth gameplay, the series is a unique experience that is reminiscent of old school Tomb Raider, but is also something very much all it's own. It's something well worth checking out if you haven't already. On another note all three games are running at 60 fps, and have undergone quite a bit of touching up as well. The screen tearing and texture issues the first Uncharted had as an early PS3 title are no longer present, and Uncharted 3's controls have been improved. This is the definitive way to play the original series.

Goat Simulator -

Is there anything that hasn't been said about this one? Goat Simulator may or may not be a game, depending on who you ask. The game is basically a joke in every way imaginable, and has players taking control of a goat as he does... Well, whatever you want. The idea of the game is to cause as much chaos as possible, and watch as the game engine freaks out and glitches everything you touch. Get hit by cars, push people off of buildings, fly a jetpack into a mob of protestors, or just walk around like a normal goat would do. It's really up to you how you play this game, as it's a complete wacky sandbox with pretty much no rules. There are trophies to unlock which serve as some sorta goal, but again it's up to you to decide to do these or not. The game is all about having fun your way. Even if that means playing something else. Either way this game is now free, and worth at least giving it a try! (Not to mention all of it's expansion packs which are parodies of their own.)
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