Animal Crossing New Horizons - Colorful Tools

Made another discovery today. When visiting another friend's town I discovered he had unlocked the upgraded Nook's Cranny. This store has slots for multiple large items to be sold and bought, but it also has an expanded cabinet as well. This is where I discovered the brand new "Colorful Tool" line.

These new tools are around 2,000 Bells (price varies between each one), and are both durable and unique looking compared to the standard upgraded tools. And of course they can be customized as well!

Sadly it seems like they can't be crafted (even after buying the new crafting packs), but it's always possible this is something unlocked later on. If that's the case I'll make sure to update this article to let you guys know.

As for how my friend unlocked the upgraded Nook Store? He time skipped a month ahead to unlock bed head, and when he came back to normal time it was there. So maybe the passage of time has something to do with it? Hard to tell at this point.

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