Animal Crossing New Horizons - Out Tomorrow!

It's finally here everyone! After nearly a 7 year wait the next mainline Animal Crossing game is releasing tomorrow. It's hard to believe that New Leaf was so long ago, but I guess looking back a lot has happened. When New Leaf first released it was during the early days of the "new" Netto's Game Room. A lot of my earlier posts were focused completely on New Leaf, and still to this day some of those old posts continue to bring in the views (shockingly). I had a lot of fun with the game back then, and I spent nearly the entire Summer playing it. Whenever I had free time, New Leaf was my go to game. But then things changed. I got my first full time job that September, and ever since then my life has been pretty crazy. And that's what brings us up to today.

Although the world might be a bit crazy at the moment, it's nice knowing that Animal Crossing is just a day away. It's something that can help us keep our minds off of the current situation, and above all, it's something we can use to spend time with our friends. With this whole "social distancing" thing going on in the real world, the virtual world is now there waiting for us. It really is a "New Horizon."

On the down side some of us will have to wait longer due to shipping delays (it's understandable), but for those going digitally (or those who were lucky enough to get their copy shipped already) we're only hours away from the start of our new adventure in our virtual life.
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