Black Mesa 1.0 Launch Trailer

It's finally here guys. In case you missed it, a few days ago Black Mesa 1.0 exited early access and launched as a full title game. This is something many fans have been following for years, and now it's finally complete. (Well, it's in version 1.0.)

Black Mesa started as a fan project way back in the mid 2000s. The idea was to update the original Half-Life to the new Source engine, but as time went on the project continued to grow. After multiple delays and alternations, the game eventually released as an early access title back in 2012. While the game was playable, the entire story was not included, and what was available continued to get updates as time went on. Eventually the projected evolved into what it is today, and now we can finally play the entire game from start to finish.

Anyway check out the launch trailer below, and then head on over to Steam to give it a try for yourself! It's something Half-Life fans shouldn't miss out on.

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