Tuesday, April 7, 2020

PlayStation 5 Controller Revealed - The "DualSense"

Today Sony finally released it's first images of the upcoming PlayStation 5's controller over at the official PlayStation Blog. The new controller is called the "DualSense" and brings with it a host of changes over the previous DS4.

As you can see all of the major buttons are still here. X (Cross), Square, Circle, Triangle, the D-Pad, two analog sticks (which click in for L3 and R3), four trigger buttons, a start button, a home button, and what is now being called the "Create Button." This button is still used for taking screen shots and recording video, but Sony also teased other features will be added to it as well. Currently we don't know what this means, but it's safe to say all user generated content will be tied to this button.

The touch pad has also received a redesign, with the controller's LEDs now being on the sides rather than across the top (as seen in the second version of the DS4). As mentioned previously, triggers are also adaptive and can be tightened or loosened based on what you are doing in the game. Sony continues to use the "bow and arrow" example where the triggers get tighter and harder to push in the farther back the bow is pulled.

Also as previously announced the controller will use haptics over the classic rumble feature -- something that is becoming a lot more common today with both cell phones and even VR controllers. This helps simulate "feeling" in games and is more precise than traditional rumble.

Finally a microphone has also been built into the controller. While actual headsets will be released for it as well, they are no longer required. This basically replaces the PS4's single ear bud mic that came with the console, and makes it easier to quickly communicate without having to hook up additional hardware.

And that about covers it! Overall the controller is basically the same as what we've come to know, but it's also been expanded upon. For a complete overview you can head on over to the PlayStation Blog.