Announcing New Blog Series - Ben's Top Mecha

Hey everyone, I'm back! After some technical difficulties over the past few days, I'm finally going to be getting back to my daily schedule. I know I didn't mention this before, but Blogger has undergone some major changes behind the hood, and let's just say that things haven't been all that smooth for about a week now... Labels not working correctly, posts and their formats freaking out on me, etc. (It's been pretty annoying...) But anyway, that's besides the point. For my return, I wanted to announce a new mini blog series: "Ben's Top Mecha."

Now it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of giant robots, but I've never actually taken the time to explain just how much I really like these things. So for the next week I wanted to take the time to finally do so. Similar to the horror series I did last year for Halloween, each day I'm going to be discussing one of my favorite mecha games to be released, and sharing my story of how I came to discover said game/series. So these posts won't really be reviews, but rather my experiences with the games, and why they are still some of my favorites to date. To avoid being repetitive however, I'll limit myself to only picking one game from each series. So don't worry about seeing this series being filled with Gundam (that could be a blog series of it's own honestly), and I also won't limit myself to just "pure" mecha games. In other words, as long as a game has giant mechs as one of it's main focus points, then it qualifies. This means games like Xenoblade X can be included on the list, despite taking over 30-40 hours to actually unlock your first mech. It's technically a mecha with mechs as a huge focus, but it's not purely about the mechs themselves.(Spoilers: Xenoblade X won't be included in my list.)

So yeah, that about covers it! I'll be kicking things off starting tomorrow, so I hope you guys enjoy! I'm looking forward to finally sharing these stories with you all, and hopefully it'll help introduce some of you to a few new games as well. There are a lot of great mechas out there, and sadly a lot of them seem to go unnoticed. I hope to change that though!

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