Reviving MegaMan Cyber Net

So today I wanted to announce yet another plan I have for this blog. It's time to revive MegaMan Cyber Net!

Ok so, what the heck is that, right? Well long story short... Cyber Net was the follow up to my very first website/forum -- The MegaMan BBS. Cyber Net basically took what I learned as a dumb kid, and showed the world I had now became a dumb teenager! Despite that, it was shockingly successful. The forum gained thousands of members, and had a large focus on it's RPG section (we based it around Net City from the anime), and our evil "hackers" gave the members (and staff) a common goal to fight against. It was a pretty creative system, and we even employed RPG mechanics and hacks into the forum itself! Posting gained you EXP to level up. We had chip shops, and other Battle Network themed items to get, and everyone was encouraged to create their own Net Navi to battle with. This site lasted for nearly 6-7 years before the series popularity tanked, and it's honestly some of my favorite memories.

Netto's Game Room is technically an offshoot of that site. Originally we were into MegaMan themed news on the website side of things, but I had always wanted to break out into other games in the form of a blog. That's why when I jumped to Capcom's official Capcom-Unity, I created Netto's Game Room. Still themed around MegaMan (Netto is Lan's Japanese name -- the Main Character of Battle Network), but wanted to be able to do anything with it as well. That trend continued when we jumped ship to nearly 10 years ago, but we put a little less focus on MegaMan when it came to the graphics. (Thanks again to my friend DeepBlueMist for everything he did for me.)

Anyway, Cyber Net's address still leads you here. This site is in fact still "Cyber Net," but in a changed form. So I guess we aren't really "reviving" Cyber Net in the traditional sense, but I'd like to include a section specifically for MegaMan here on NGR, and start posting more MegaMan content again. This doesn't mean MegaMan will overshadow everything else, but it does mean there will be more content related to the series here on the blog.

So, how will I go about doing this? Simple. A new "MegaMan Cyber Net" tag will be added to our Original's section (located on the right side of the web version of the site, and under the "Original's drop down on the mobile site), and all MegaMan related posts will be filtered under Cyber Net. Of course this doesn't mean MegaMan content will ONLY be found under Cyber Net, as CN is still a part of Netto's Game Room. In other words, Nintendo related MegaMan posts will appear under the Nintendo filter still, and posts that relate to Capcom in general may appear under Cyber Net as well. 

Annndddddd, that's basically it! Starting today you'll notice these changes, and you'll also start seeing older posts below this one. Our past MegaMan content will be moved to Cyber Net's label, and we'll just expand from there!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Hope you look forward to the new content soon!

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