Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – Overview Trailer

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is a special game, and one many fans hold in high regards. 

Originally released on the GameCube, TYD took everything that was the original Paper Mario, and turned it up to... Well... One thousand? More characters, great humor, a darker settings, a massive world, new transformation powers, revamped skill and badge system (which provides new abilities), unique boss fights, and everything coming together to create a grand story. There's a reason that fans love this game so much, and now fans both new and old get to experience the tale on the Nintendo Switch.

Today Nintendo has released a new "overview" trailer that shows off exactly what Paper Mario The Thousand Door is, and gives us an even deeper look at the new graphic overhaul, updated music, and the other aspects of the game that have been touched up. You can watch the trailer below!


It’s Mario, and he’s...uh, paper?! Leaf through a storybook world made of paper as you set off to find legendary treasure! Team up with a colorful cast of charming characters, battle in epic scraps against shadowy foes, harness paper abilities to find surprises around every fold, and more!


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