Metroid Prime 4: Beyond Officially Announced

After it's announcement at E3 2017, Metroid Prime 4 went silent. Fans have spent many years hoping that Nintendo would show off the game, and after a 7 year wait they finally have!

Nintendo has officially announced that Metroid Prime 4 will now be known as "Metroid Prime 4: Beyond" and will be releasing in 2025! Along with the announcement, Nintendo has finally released the first look at gameplay as well!

Taking place after Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond finally continues the long running storyline originally introduced back in Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS. As the trailer confirms, Samus's rival Sylux is indeed back, and this time appearing to be using the Metroids to his advantage.

While nothing else was announced about the game, the trailer gives us a better look at the classic Metroid Prime gameplay. All core features have returned, with the game using a first person point of view, complete with scanning, and other iconic Samus abilities like the morph ball. 

For more information, you can watch the trailer below!


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