Nintendo Switch Sports - Basketball Update Out Now


Nintendo has released the new update for Nintendo Switch Sports! This free update adds Basketball to the lineup of playable sports, bringing the total up to eight.

As previously stated by Nintendo:

Use motion controls to sink as many baskets as you can within the time limit in the solo Three-Point Challenge. If you’re looking for friendly competition, then up to four players can compete locally in Five-Streak Battle or Three-Point Contest, and you can dribble, pass and score in two-on-two matches locally or online. This free update for Nintendo Switch Sports dunks its way onto Nintendo Switch this summer.

Nintendo Switch Sports originally released in April of 2022 for the Nintendo Switch as a follow up to Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Sports Club. It launched with Bowling, Tennis, Chambara, Soccer, Volleyball, and Badminton, while a later update reintroduced Golf from the previous entries in the series.

Game modes included with Basketball are as follows: 

  • Two-on-Two (single player, local and online multiplayer): Who’s up for a quick pick-up game? Show off your dunking skills while alternating between defense and offense.

  • Three-Point Challenge (single player): Try to sink long-distance shots as you channel your inner all-star.

  • Three-Point Contest (local multiplayer): Take on your friends to see who can hit the most treys.

  • Five-Streak Battle (local multiplayer): The first player to make five consecutive baskets in 60 seconds wins!

For more information, check out the official Basketball and overview trailer below!


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