PSP Classic Jeanne d’Arc Returns on PS4 and PS5

Level-5's PSP Classic Tactical Role Playing Game "Jeanne d'Arc" will be rereleased on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5! The game will be available on July 16th, and will also be included as part of PlayStation Plus for Premium and Extra subscribers.

For more information, here is what PlayStation had to say about the game:

Enter the 15th century, as France and England battle during the Hundred Years’ War. A mysterious and powerful armlet appears on the wrist of a young crusader named Jeanne. Commanded by an oracle from above, Jeanne wields the armlet to turn back the dark invading army to save her homeland once and for all. Experience Jeanne d’Arc, originally released on the PSP, enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters.

Until now Jeanne d'Arc could only be purchased and played through the PlayStation Vita's online store app, which had it's web version shut down making the Vita the only way to access the title. While the game's story is based upon historic events, it applies a fantasy twist and introduces monsters to the world as well as other RPG staples such as magic.

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