Sonic X Shadow Generations - Sonic Jam Legacy Skin Email Bonus

SEGA has announced yet another bonus coming to Sonic X Shadow Generations. As mentioned in their official Tweet below, if you sign up for the SEGA Email List before November 1st, 2024, you'll receive a Sonic skin based off of Sonic's 3D model from the game Sonic Jam. Simply fill out the requested information, choose your platform of choice, and the code will be sent to you when the game launches later this year.

About Sonic X Shadow Generations:

Play as Shadow in a brand-new story campaign featuring never-before-seen abilities that prove why he’s known as the Ultimate Life Form! Speed through iconic stages from Shadow’s history, discover hidden secrets in an expansive hub world, and unlock new powers to take on Black Doom and save the world.


SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS also includes a complete remaster of the highly acclaimed SONIC GENERATIONS, a time-traveling adventure featuring a greatest-hits collection of 3D and 2D Sonic stages, now with upgraded visuals and new bonus content.


 From X:

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