Thursday, July 28, 2011

3DS Price drop!

So here's some news a lot of you might find to be good news! Well turns out on the 3rd of next month the 3DS will have a price drop! Yep, that's right! A price drop!

As you all know the 3DS was originally $250 and it kept a lot of people from buying the system. A lot of people just feel that the 3DS isn't worth it. For awhile people were saying that the 3DS could ONLY be sold for $250, but later Sony announced their (more advanced) PSV was also being sold for $250.

Anyway it looks like Nintendo has noticed Sony's PSV and they most likely don't want to risk losing sales due to it (that's not officialy from Nintendo, but really it wouldn't be a smart move). So yeah, what's the new price going to be? $170!

Although I did get the 3DS on the launch date, I really feel that the new $170 price tag is more fitting for the system. I love my 3DS and all, but it just doesn't seem worth that $250 I spent.

Another little side note (besides the fact that EVERY paragraph in this blog post starts with an A, other than the first one), the 3DS' web browser does NOT work with Capcom-Unity. The pages refuse to load, it takes forever to log in (if the log in button even appears), and as you can tell from my past post, a lot of symbols are in the wrong place. Comma's turn into trade mark signs, and other symbols just don't show up. Not sure if they'll ever fix this, but you can also count on the same problems happening on other forums.
The browser isn't that bad, but it really isn't made for this type of thing.