UnLegends TALE I: The Forbidden Cave - LBP Project finished!

So a few posts ago I told you about a project me and Invincibob were working on for LBP. Well we actually finished it a few days ago but I just never got around to making a post about it... Sorry guys X_x
Anyway here it is! UnLegends!
So what is UnLegends? Well UnLegends starts you out as a sackboy who has been finding and solving the mysteries of the world. The world has an end and is flat. The ground is held up by dark matter. There are holes in time space. Timelines crash and meet at random points. All of these are hidden secrets in the world, but there are plently more to be found.

In "The Forbidden Cave" you go through a cave that has been sealed off to keep whatever was inside out. You must enter the cave, explore the world on the other side and learn just why that world was blocked off.
Just keep in mind, everything isn't always as it seems.
Really that's about all I can say about the level without spoiling it, but I can say that there are quite a few tricky parts and there MAY be glitches if you play the level in LBP2. The level was made and fully tested in LBP1 so I can't really say for sure what will all happen in 2.

Well anyway, I hope you guys like it! Also if something ticks you off or... makes it so you can't go to sleep at night, blame bob. It's not a problem.

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