Nintendo Network coming to the 3DS!

I might be a little bit late on this one, but oh well lol. So apparently the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Japanese box art has finally been shown, and it includes a new "Nintendo Network" icon which apparently is replacing the "Wi-Fi Connection" icon seen on DS and Wii games. Well since paid DLC has been announced for games like Fire Emblem and Theatrhythm, it wouldn't really be a shock to see some new type of Wi-Fi connection, but rumors have it that it's actually much more than that.

Apparently Nintendo plans to launch a Nintendo Network website that will basically act as Nintendo's version of PSN or XBL! The website would include a log in/password system which will apparently connect to both the 3DS and the Wii U, and it will offer a complete "modern times" online network. Really at this time it's hard to tell if these rumors are true, but Nintendo has tried a set up like this before in the past.
Nintendo Wi-Fi connection was basically a website all Nsider DS owners were linked to. The website recorded all of your gameplay stats, and also allowed you to compare yourself to the rest of the world. Sadly most games didn't use this set up, but there were a few games that DID take it to the "next level." Games like Metroid Prime Hunters allowed you to check all of your in game stats, such as your K/D ratio, and it also allowed you to compare yourself to your friends and rivals. It was a really nice system while it lasted, but it really didn't last long...

I really can't help but wonder if this whole Nintendo Network is just another version of that, but I'm really hoping that the rumors are true. Afterall Nintendo DID state that they were working with other companies to bring us a better online set up. If them rumors of Nintendo working with EA are true, there's a good chance we'll be seeing a true (good) online network!

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