Nintendo Network no longer a rumor!

Ok so you may remember the Nintendo Network post from last week which I made based on a rumor stating that a full online system would be coming to Nintendo. Well, it turns out it's true!
Although we already knew Nintendo Network was coming, its pretty clear if you look at the box art for the new Final Fantasy game, but we just didn't know what it actually was. Well it turns out that it's a complete online network that'll use an account system which will then link to our Nintendo game devices. Not too much detail has been announced, but Nintendo has stated that it'll provide an online community, an online shop system, and it'll work for the 3DS, Wii U, and Wii.

Currently there's no word on when we'll actually be able to link accounts to our Wiis and our 3DSes, but there's a pretty good chance that it'll be coming soon! Since Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is planned to be released on the 16th of next month, there's a pretty good chance that Nintendo Network will be going up as well.

It's great news to hear that Nintendo is finally getting into the whole online thing, but it's kind of sad that it's taken them this long...

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