Metal Gear Solid 3D demo now up in the eShop!

Yep looks like Nintendo is finally getting more demos out there! Finally joining Resident Evil Revelations and Mario and Sonic is the long awaited Metal Gear Solid 3D!

So just what is Metal Gear Solid 3D? Well MGS3D is an improved port of the PS2 game Metal Gear Solid 3. The game has been updated with a few brand new features, such as the ability to use the 3DS camera to create new types of camo, as well as the 3D effect. What you've never played a MGS game before? Well you really shouldn't worry! MGS3 is actually the game that starts the entire MGS storyline. In MGS3 you play as Naked Snake (who later becomes Big Boss) as he tries to stop "The Boss" who has defected from the US. In short MGS3 is the game that sets all of the stages for the rest of the MG/MGS series.

If you're at all intrested in MGS I strongly recommend checking out the MGS3D demo, but truth be told, there are much better versions of the game out there. If you own a Xbox 360 or PS3, I'd recommend checking out the Metal Gear Solid HD collection. The collection includes remastered versions of MGS2, MGS3 (which includes MG1 and MG2), and MGS Piece Walker (which picks up not too long after MGS3). If you truly want to see the full story of Big Boss, I'd pass on 3D and get the collection instead. It's 5 games for the price of one afterall!

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