Quick Break down of Assassin's Creed 3's new features!

Almost a week ago we finally got our first look at Assassin's Creed 3, but there are still many questions unanswered. Well hopefully this small feature list I came up with will help fill you in on what's going on!

Lifetime Adventure -

After seeing screen shots of a younger Connor (real name Ratohnhake:ton which is pronounced Ra-doon-ha-gay-do) and after seeing the "old Connor" special preorder case from Gamestop, many fans have been wondering if we would once again get to live a character's full life. Well it turns out you can! Although Ubisoft hasn't released too much information over the subject, theyhave stated that you will get to play through the main character's childhood, and judging from the special case, it's also safe to assume that we'll get to play as Connor near the end of his life as well. Now will we be playing a 60 + year old like we saw in Revelations? Well that's hard to say. Guess we'll just have to wait for the game to come out so we can see for our selves!

Connor the Hunter -

As a native american Connor has been trained as a hunter, and he knows how to fight. While in past AC games the main characters simply would run up and start a fight. Well Connor isn't quite as "stiff" as you might call it. Connor has over 1000 brand new moves made specially for him, meaning we shouldn't expect to see any of the same old animations from the past 3 games, and he's almost always moving. Basically Connor, with his dual wielding weapons, is able to gain ground while sneaking around, only to come up close and personal before the enemies know what hit him. It's a little bit hard to explain Connor's fighting style, but Ubisoft stated that players should always be on the move, always rushing to sneak up on enemies, and they should be able to swiftly get around almost any attack and land their own killing blows with little to no problems.

In short, Connor is fast, he's a hunter, and he's very deadly.

Freedom Fighter -

Compared to the last two main characters, Connor is quite a bit different. Altair grew up in the order and fought because he was an Assassin, and Ezio set out on a quest to get revenge for his family. Each character had a different driving force that pushed them through their adventures, but Ubisoft has stated that Connor will not be quite the same.

Instead of being an assassin because he was born an assassin, or setting out on an adventure for revenge, Connor is more along the lines of a freedom fighter. He WANTS to help people, and he'll do anything he can to right the wrong. This is the kind of guy who would risk his life for anyone, and he'll fight to protect the ones he cares about.

Living World -

With the new and improved engine Ubisoft has been able to create a completely new "living world" for us to play in. NPCs will go about their daily life, with much greater detail, 1000s of soldiers can be seen on screen fighting eachother, and npcs will actually interact with eachother. It's no longer a world where NPCs simply walk around "pretending" to be doing something; it's a world where they actually are doing something.

Hunting, Economy, and Seasons  -

Completely brand new to AC3 is the Hunting, Economy, and Seasons system. As time goes on seasons will change and this will have a great impact on the world around you. For example, during the winter rivers/ponds will become frozen over allowing you to walk across, soldiers will have a harder time getting around, and you'll be able to blend in and sneak up on your targets much easier. This system also becomes a key factor when it comes to the brand new hunting system. See a deer off in the distance? Well sneak through the snow and get that bow ready before it spots you! The cleaner the kill, the higher the quality of that animal becomes.

Although not much information has been given about the economy system, Ubisoft has announced that you will be able to sell fur/other resources you get from hunting, and there will also be a "town building" system as well. Other than that no details have been released, but it's safe to asume that it'll be an upgraded system from Brotherhood/Revelations. Either way you'll want to hunt and sell the highset quality skills, and you'll have to really manage your money if you ever want to invest and earn more.

The Setting -

Ubisoft wants to make this clear. The setting IS in fact the American Revolution but this game is a story about Assassin vs Templar. Players will NOT be playing a video game version of The Patriot, and they shouuldn't expect to be taking sides. In AC3 Ubisoft wants to explore the realistic side to the war, and explore the human side of the key historical figures. These men were NOT super heroes, they were normal people who were caught up in the war.

The game will show many historical events however, so we can expect to see many different changes in the world around us. Ubisoft asked its fans to picture any of the largest battles in the revolution. Now imagion Connor running through that battle field, dodging cannon balls as they come crashing down, and soldiers falling all around him. Connor isn't there because he's fighting in the battle, he's on his own mission and that just happened to cross paths with the war.

In other words, this setting lets us live the life of someone who was there during the revolution. We get to see its effects, and historical events all through the eyes of our native american, soon to be, hero.

Desmond -

Not much has been said about Desmond, but Ubisoft confirms that AC3's story will be very important and that Desmond will play a major role in 3. This game ends his story, so it's only right that he goes out with a bang.

Finally we'll learn what's so important about that cave in NY! (For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, go replay Brotherhood or Revelations and search that "useless number" on google. It's a coordinate if you couldn't tell. (Also another small note that might be worth bringing up. NY is one of the main locations that Connor will be visiting. Just thought I'd let you guys know!)

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