Just ordered Last Window!

Well some pretty bad, tornado producing (X_x), storms are about to roll in so I really don't have time to spend here, but that's not going to stop me from sharing the news! Anyway how many of you have heard of Hotel Dusk? It's that visual novel/graphic adventure game for the Nintendo DS which has become well known for having some of the best story writing in video game history. Well, how many of you know that this "gem" had a sequel?

Yep that's right, before the company went under, Hotel Dusk had a sequel called "Last Window: The Secret of Cape West" which was only released in Japan and in the EU regions. It's really a shame that the sequel to a great game such as Hotel Dusk never made it to the US, but the good news is that the Nintendo DS is region free!

Anyway today I finally ordered the game off of Amazon (which only had 8 copies left)! I really liked Hotel Dusk for what it was, great story, a unique art style, and fun puzzle solving, so I really felt that Last Window was just one of them games I should really own. Sure Hotel Dusk had it's problems, which mainly occurred during it's slow parts where you basically wondered around lost, but that doesn't change the fact that it was just a good game with a good story! Either way I'm really looking forward to Last Window, but sadly it won't make it here until May 10th (at the earliest). That being said, I DO plan on reviewing the game since it's one of the lesser known games, so I guess that's something we can all look forward to! (or not!)
If you're a fan of Hotel Dusk I recommend that you check out Last Window (like I said Amazon only has 7 copies left now); I'm pretty sure you won't regret it! As for you who have never even played Hotel Dusk, well maybe I'll review it later as well, but I still think it's worth checking out if you like mysteries.

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