Bravely Default to be 60-70 hours long!

For awhile now Square Enix has been talking about their latest 3DS Final Fantasy game which is going under the name "Bravery Default." Bravery Default follows the same style from Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light, and it is the first "normal" Final Fantasy game to actually be released on the 3DS. In the past Square has shown off the battle system, the unique hand drawn art style, and even the AR card support which seems to play a major role in the game. Well today Square has announced that everything isn't what it seems.

Originally the game appeared to be a mini Final Fantasy spin off which would only take a few hours to beat and offer nowhere near the amount of content we saw from past games, after all it does follow the 4 Heroes of Light style, but it turn's out that's not true at all! According to Square's Japanese Twitter, Bravery Default will last around 60-70 hours, it'll be a FULL Final Fantasy game, and the massive AR card set up that they've been pushing, is only used in about 1% of the game! In other words, this is not just some spin off, it is in a way a classic Final Fantasy!

If you're one of them Final Fantasy fans who's been waiting for a "normal" full game since Final Fantasy 9, then it looks like your wait is over!

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