JC Penney selling some awesome Video Game shirts!

So, as you may know, the other day was my Birthday. Well although I really didn't have anything planned for it, I did end up going out to eat, and then I decided to head over to the mall across the street to check out GameStop. Well after getting to the mall and walking in through the doors to JC Penny (which is the store right across from GameStop), I just happened to notice some T Shirts that they had out for display. Some Video Game T Shirts!

Now I know that JC Penney has always had some Video Game shirts, but their selection has always been quite low. In the past I've gotten a few Mario shirts and a few Sonic shirts, but that's really about it. Well it turned out this time they actually had quite a lot!

Street Fighter, Portal 2, Call of Duty, Halo, Mario, Yoshi, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed Revelations, and so on. There was at least 30 or so different shirts, and almost all of them were of great well known games! (I actually ended up buying an Uncharted 3 shirt, Mass Effect 3, and Kingdom Hearts II shirt!)
So anyway if you're looking for some video game related shirts, I recommend checking out JC Penny! Each shirt was only around 10 bucks, and they were all pretty good quality as well!

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