Battlefield: Bad Company - Fox TV Series?

Yep, you head me right! The action adventure first person shooter comedy Bad Company is getting a TV series that will be airing on Fox! Although information is still quite limited, it will apparently be made by Happy Madison (aka Adam Sandler's company) which is known for bringing out comedies such as The Longest Yard, and even the family comedy "Bed Time Stories."

For anyone who has never played Bad Company or Bad Company 2 (such as any of you who may hate war games), let me explain...

Bad Company is a Battlefield spin off which tells the story of four idiots who were banished to Bad Company. Basically Bad Company is a company in the army where they send all of the failures or law breakers. If they aren't cut out for the actual army, or they do something bad enough, they are reassigned to BC, and basically just used for anything (they are failures so basically they are the people the army would send into a suicide mission, or even be used as human shields for the front lines).

After the main character, Preston, is sent to Bad Company for taking a Helicopter for a joy ride (he was bored), he ends up meeting up with three other idiots, and they decide to form a little squad. Although these people are the ones who are most likely to die in a mission, that doesn't stop them from having fun.
Bad Company is a flat out comedy, and it never takes itself too seriously. The entire game is filled with funny comments from the main characters, and even the story is one of them stupid over the top stories which take place within a serious world. For example in the original game one of the characters "raids" an enemy country by mistake as he chases after a truck full of gold. This causes the US to disown the main characters, and they decide to go on a money hunt and finish what they already started.

So anyway, try to picture this. There's a battlefield, people are shooting at each other, and people are dying; however out of no where something unexpected happens. Here comes the Bad Company main characters driving through the middle of the battlefield on a golf cart as they are talking about who's the awesomist movie character out there. Not a care in the world, and they are too stupid to die. THAT is the type of characters these are, and what the entire game is like.

Its rare for there to be a comedy "war game," but it's even rarer for there to be a show based off of it. Either way, as long as it is done right, Bad Company could make an awesome TV series. One that would be able to keep you laughing, as well as one that will get you interested in the story.

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