Got a GREAT deal on the Sly Collection and the Jak Collection!

Ok so not too long after I made my last blog post I decided to look around on amazon to see if there was anything interesting on sale. Welp, I found EXACTLY what I had been looking for!

For the past year or so I've actually been looking for the Sly HD Collection, as well as the Jak HD Collection since the day it came out, but they're both actually quite rare. No gamestops within 100 miles of me have had them in stock, the Best Buys around here don't have them in stock, and they aren't one of the games the local Walmart and Target stores sell either. They were just flat out impossible to find.

Well today I just happened to find them on, and they just happened to be on sale as well! While these collections are normally $40 (with the games originally being $50 when they were brand new on the PS2), thanks to the sale they were actually being sold together for $40!

Yep, that's right! I got Sly 1, Sly 2, Sly 3, Jak 1, Jak 2, and Jak 3 all for $42 (including shipping and tax)!

That's 6 games, for less than the price of a new game!

So anyway, if you've been looking for these games, I strongly recommend checking out amazon! They also had a deal where I could have got Devil May Cry HD Collection (1-3) for an extra 15 bucks, but I'm actually not a fan lol. Still if you are a fan, that would be 9 games STILL for the price of one! Might be worth checking out.

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