Downloaded Sonic Adventure 2 HD!

So yesterday after I made my blog post I headed over to my friend's house to hang out with him and another one of our friends. We played some video games, ate tacos, and basically just had fun before he went back to school. Well after playing some of our favorite party games (Mario Party, Smash Bros, etc), we decided to play Sonic Adventure 2 just for old times sake. Well, that made me miss it! So anyway today I got on PSN, added $10 to my account, and bought the new HD version!

Now Sonic Adventure 2 is a game I played a LOT of. It was one of my favorite games on the DreamCast, and I also went out and bought the GameCube version as well. Heck me and my friends loved this game so much, we spent an entire summer playing the thing! Now here we are over 10 years later, and once again I'm playing through this great game I used to love! Seeing it in HD is refreshing, I love the wide screen, I love the fact that there are leader boards, and I also love the fact that the default version uses the DC's menus!
Although I've beaten this game hundreds of times, although I've created EVERY type of chao possible (I was an active member at the Sonic Team Chao BBS, and I also used to run a pretty well known Chao based fan forum), and even though I've A ranked every mission in the game quite a few times; I'm looking forward to doing it again!

Currently I plan on going through the game, and doing everything! I'm going to A rank every stage on my first try (or at least second of I fail), and I plan on having at least two perfect chao to help get me all of the emblems from the chao garden races. Not sure when I'll get this all done, but I know I'll have a blast playing it!

So... What about you guys? Any games that are special to you like Adventure 2 is to me?

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