Fire Emblem Awakening Demo is out! (3DS - USA)

It's finally here guys! Nintendo has FINALLY released a demo of one of their games on the Nintendo eShop, and it is none other than Fire Emblem Awakening! Now, just what is Fire Emblem Awakening you might ask? Well, I'll put it as simply as possible.

Fire Emblem Awakening is the newest Fire Emblem game which is coming out on the 3DS, and it is one of the BIGGEST games on the 3DS. Basically if you have a 3DS, this is one of them games you really should own! It really doesn't matter if you've played past entries in the series or not (most games do in fact take place in their own world), and it is one of them few games that are actually made to last.

To sum up the gameplay of Awakening... Well, just like always, this game is a Turn Based Strategy game/ Tactical RPG. There's a lot of different characters, a lot of different classes for the characters to become, and each mission plays out on a grid based battlefield. Each turn you move your units around the map, plan out your attacks, and well, attack enemies; however it's also not that simple.

During battle units can talk to each other, you can have them pull off tag team attacks, and they can also die, as in, forever! Although Awakening features a mode where units cannot die, the perm death system, as well as the support conversations really add a lot of depth to the battles which most games tend to lack.
This time around you get to create your own character (although the customization is a little bit limiting), you can take part in extra battles on the world map, and you can also have your units get married and have kids who will later on fight beside you. On top of that the game also will be using Nintendo Network to bring updates and DLC! These updates range from new missions, to new maps with characters from past Fire Emblem games!

Basically, while normal Fire Emblem games can last you 30 + hours just for a single playthrough, with hundreds of hours extra being spent on extra playthroughs (after all there are actually many different ways you can beat each game), this one does all of that PLUS a lot more. Like I said earlier, this game has almost endless content, and is sure to last you for quite a long time!

Now as for the demo, if you have never played a Fire Emblem game, I REALLY recommend that you go out and download it RIGHT NOW! If you have played other Fire Emblem games, then well, chances are you've been following this game since day 1, and you have already downloaded the demo.

Although the demo actually isn't that long (it includes the first two missions, and the cutscenes that go along with them), it is still worth checking out. It'll last you for at least half an hour, but you might find yourself going back just to try other ways to beat the missions, or just to try out the harder modes.
If you're a fan of anime, RPGs, or strategy games, chances are you'll love this one!

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