Saturday, January 19, 2013

Game Room Dead or Alive 5 Review wins GameFAQs Review of the Month

Well it happened again guys! A Game Room review has won the title of Review of the month! The Dead or Alive 5 review has won "Review of the Month" for the month of December!

Now this is actually the second Game Room Review to win Review of the Month, but the thing is, it's also the second review to actually be entered in the contest! Since the contest rules state that only one review can be submitted per month, only a few reviews here can even qualify for this contest, since we actually put out quite a few reviews a month.

So anyway I would just like to thank you guys for your support, and I'd also like to thank GameFAQs as well!
If you would like to check out the original review, it can be found at the following by going to our review list.

(On a side note... Thank you GameFAQs for getting me a free copy of Virtue's Last Reward!)