Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Comedy in "non comedy" Games

Have you ever played a video game with unexpected comedy? I mean sure, there's a lot of games out there with funny aspects, and there are also a lot of games out there which are completely based around it, but what about the games that aren't based around it? How do you feel about comedy making its way into, say, a horror game, or a game with a serious plot? As for me, I actually really like it if it's done right.

Although having comedy in a game that really isn't made for comedy can harm the game, a lot of the time game developers find unique and creative (or sometimes even unexpected) ways to tie it in. Not only does it throw the players for a loop, but it can be a nice unexpected change of pace as well. Even though there's a lot of great games out there that do this, one of my favorites has to be a little game called "Virtue's Last Reward."

Virtue's Last Reward is the second volume in the "Zero Escape" series, and the sequel to the Nintendo DS game 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. In Virtue's Last Reward 9 people wake up to find that they have been kidnapped, locked in a building, and forced to play a game called the "nonary game." While the game itself is along the lines of a horror, suspense, mind freak, psychological, visual novel puzzle game, it also has quite a bit of comedy as well. Mixed in with the disturbing facts that you are all going to die if you don't follow the rules, and mixed in with the whole viral outbreak on the outside, come small touches of comedy which really help break the gameplay up.

Sometimes it's stupidness that just catches you off guard,
 and other times they even bring up TV shows!
Then you have the moments where you have no idea WHAT to think,
and then you are both disturbed and laughing inside.

Like I said before, its this type of thing which really helps break up the gameplay, and help throw you for a loop. Sometimes you just can't expect the least expected, and that's how a game that thrives on mystery and shocking scenes can really use comedy to its advantage. Never expected this scene, that's for sure!

Even so, not everyone out there likes this sort of thing. If a game doesn't do it right, it can really damage the game, and if you're the type of person who hates comedy all together; then it may also turn you off from the game as well. Really in a way having comedy in non comedy games is a risk, but it's also a risk that I'm glad a lot of companies are willing to take. Still if you don't like it, well.... I guess you'll either have to deal with it, or simply just pass on the game, and find a different one.