Ninfia - A New Eevee Evolution, A Pokémon TV app, and Pokemon Scramble/Rumble U!

As some of you might know, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are coming out in October of this year worldwide, and so far, the starters and two other Pokémon have already been revealed.

The latest CoroCoro issue states another one: An Eevee evolution named 'Ninfia' in Japanese. It's type, as of yet, is still unknown. With the ones I talked to since the news came out, I recieved speculations of it being either a Dragon-type, a Fighting-type, a Flying-type, or a normal-type.

This Pokémon is said to be 1.0 meters, or about 3 ft. tall, and weigh 23.5 kg, or about 51.8 lbs. Any other information about this Pokémon except for its design and the fact that it evolves from Eevee is currently unknown. If you want to take a look at it, I also have a picture, taken from PokéBeach:

On other Pokémon news, the Pokémon Company released a 'Pokémon TV' app for the iOS, and soon to be released on Android, that lets its users watch all episodes they have in their database, as well as a Meloetta short that will be aired on February 15th, dubbed 'Meloetta's Moon Serenade.' The short, according to Digital Spy, will also be viewable from the Pokémon website.

If you want to download the 'Pokémon TV' app from the iOS App Store, you can just press here.

And to end this post, I'll give you the news about the latest announced Pokémon game, named in Japanese: 'Pokémon Scramble U.' As you probably already know, if you're interested in this, Pokémon Scramble was named in English Pokémon Rumble, and this time, the game is to come for the WiiU, with up to four players playing and can feature up to one hundred Pokémon at a given time!

The game, like its Wii prequel, will be a download only game.

To conclude this post, I'd like to thank Serebii, Digital Spy, and PokéBeach for the information. Thanks you, too, for reading this, and I hope I'll see you again the next time I have something to write about!

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