Ecolibrium (Vita) - Now on PSN for free!

Well, this is quite the shock! Today a brand new game hit the Playstation Vita, and it is actually free to play (with some extra paid for content)! So, what is this new game? Well, it's actually a game called "Ecolibrium." Ecolibrium is basically an eco-system sim that allows you to create your own natural world, where you must manage your resources, and the animals/creatures that live in it! I guess you could say, it's a lot like EA's Spore, but with some twists of its own. Here, check out the trailer just released by Sony!



So, what do you guys think? I'm actually downloading the game right now, and I'm also kind of shocked that it's only around 200 MB! Really if you have a Playstation Vita, you really don't have a reason to not give this game a try. The worst case scenario would be you not liking the game, and simply deleting it.

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