Monday, February 25, 2013

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Coming to the West!

Well I've got some good news for you Kingdom Hearts fans out there! I'm sure most of you have already read Leaf's post about Kingdom Hearts X, but did you also know that Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD will be coming to the west as well? Yep that's right! The game will be released next fall in both the US and EU regions, and will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive!

The game features both Kingdom Hearts 1 and Re: Chain of Memories remastered in HD, but with some new features as well. Although Re: Chain of Memories will be mostly unchanged, Kingdom Hearts 1 is getting a massive update, and will include quite a few new features! First of all the game will actually be the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts which was only released in Japan. This means the game will have new boss battles, new cutscenes, as well as rerecorded voice work; however that isn't all! Kingdom Hearts 1 has also been updated to the Kingdom Hearts 2 standards, meaning the game will feature the Kingdom Hearts 2 style of play, and camera control! Reaction commands have been added into the game, and the core gameplay has been improved to keep up with today's standards.

On top of all of that, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will also be included in the form of a MOVIE which will actually be around 3 hours long (2:50 to be exact). Although this isn't the HD remake of the game some fans may have hoped for, it is a retelling of the game with brand new scenes to deepen the story. The games will also support trophies (which is a standard for PlayStation 3 games now days) as well.

Although we don't have an official release date for the game (as I said before), we do know that the game will be coming out fall of 2013, with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD most likely coming out next year.