Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Back in 2003 a video game called "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga" came out on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and it was a game that did everything differently. For the first time in Video Game history, Mario and Luigi were in a co-op game where teamwork made all the difference, and both brothers would have to make the full use of their skills to survive.

Although Mario & Luigi was in fact an RPG, it actually played nothing like Super Mario RPG, or the Paper Mario series. Instead of simply watching battles, this time around you actually had more control over what was going on! While Mario was controlled with the A button, Luigi was controlled with the B button, and that is how they are controlled in battle as well. By hitting the A button you'll cause Mario to jump or attack, and by hitting the B button you'll make Luigi jump or attack. It was a really unique set up, and it forced players to not only plan their strategy, but it also forced them to use their skills to dodge enemies, and attack!

Well jump ahead a about 10 years, and two other Mario & Luigi games later, and here we are at today! Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the newest addition to the series on the Nintendo 3DS, and it mixes up just about everything we've seen in the past!

Breaking away from the rest of the series, Dream Team features 3D world, and it takes place inside of Luigi's dreams! While sections of the game will in fact play out like in the first two Mario & Luigi games (as in, they're a standard isometric view RPG), dream sections will be 2D and play out a lot like the inside of Bowser in "Bowser's Inside Story."

Since the game does in fact take place inside of Luigi's dreams, Luigi will be able to do some pretty wild things this time around. From spawning many mini Luigis, to using other special powers, Luigi has just about complete control and will be able to use that control to help Mario in many different ways. Although the details are pretty limited, I'm sure series fans already know what they should expect from this one! It's a mix between an action and turn based RPG, with a crazy story, funny characters, and unique gameplay and puzzle solving!