Animal Crossing: New Leaf - June 9th

Ever since the day the 3DS was announced, fans allover the world have been waiting for a little game called "Animal Crossing." Animal Crossing has always been a special series to fans world wide, and it really is one of them unique games you just don't see too often. While the original game blew people away by having a living world that continues to live even when you're not playing, later releases brought in the massive online modes and social aspects to the game.

When Animal Crossing 3D (now known as "New Leaf") was announced, people were excited! Not only was the series coming back to a handheld, where it seemingly does better, but Nintendo had shown off some major improvements to really help bring the series forward! Now not only is the online community much more massive, but this time around YOU get to be the mayor of the town, and YOU are in complete control of what just about everything looks like!

This time around you get to build onto your town, you can customize the furniture in your house you have more pieces of clothing to change, you can go swimming, there are new animals and animal types, there are new town events, there are mini games, you can visit other peoples towns without a friend code, and the game also removes a lot of its limits as well (for example you are no longer limited to having only two people in a house)! Since day one fans knew this game was going to be massive, and  they've been waiting for news of a release date ever since. Well, we've got it! Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be hitting store shelves, and the eShop, on June 9th 2013!

We're almost there guys! Just a few more months!

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