Flipnote Studio 3D

Well, this time the news are out hot from the over - they came less than two hours ago, by Nintendo Direct Mini on the 3DS eShop.

Who of us doesn't know about the Flipnote Studio for the DSi? If you don't, it's a free downloadable software that lets its users to create animations using the DSi's stylus, and then upload them to a Flipnote online server called 'Flipnote Hatena,' available on both the DSi and the PC browsers to share them, or watch other people sharing their animations.

Well, as of today, Nintendo announced that they're going to release a Flipnote Studio 3D for the 3DS. The things that we do know about it are as followed:
  1. It'll have the ability to use 3D - During the process of creating the animations, it'll be possible to choose between three different layers in order to create a 3D animation and control which part goes above which part.
  2. It'll have six different colors, as opposed to two that were on the Flipnote Studio for the DSi.
  3. Animations can be exported to the SD card, with two different file types. These file types are GIFs and AVIs.
  4. The Flipnote Studio 3D has two different online services offered, as opposed to the Flipnote Studio Hatena. They're called 'Flipnote Gallery Friends,' which will be used to share animations with friends, and 'Flipnote Gallery World.' Not too much is known about both, as more information about them will be revealed at a later date.
Even though we don't know much about the Flipnote Galleries, one or two details were revealed about 'Flipnote Gallery World' - It works like Flipnote Hatena regarding the fact that it will be a Flipnote animation sharing online server, but unlike the Flipnote Hatena, it will not be free of charge, and its use will have to be paid for. Monthly.

Yes, you read right - you will have to pay a monthly fee to use it. It will have a thirty-day-trial, and will have special days when people will be able to use it free of charge. Moreover, high rated users by the community will be able to use it for free. But other than that, people will have to pay to use it.
Those of you with a DSi are probably saying - 'Well, I don't care. I'll just continue to use the Flipnote Hatena on the DSi.' I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you can't. The Flipnote Hatena will be shut down later this year. May 31st this year, to be exact.

Anyway, what do you think about the Flipnote Studio 3D? Are you excited? Mad? Happy? Sad? Please comment for us to know what your opinion is.

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