Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mega Man Online - Canned

Well I've got some sad news for you Mega Man fans out there; the long awaited "Rockman Online" has been canceled. The game was going to be a PC MMORPG that mixed the 2.5D style of games like Mega Man X8, with that of a dungeon runner MMO. Players would select their character based off of legendary robots from the past, run through levels, destroy enemies, gain experience, and level up their characters in order to take on stronger bosses.

Really it's too bad that this game will never see a release, but I'm sure a lot of fans saw this coming. Rockman Online was being created by Neowiz who is currently having a hard time making it. The company has been having quite a few issues lately, so it's no wonder that Capcom finally told them to pull the plug on the project.