Picked up Tales of Legendia!

The other day I was looking around Amazon for some deals on some older games, when an old PS2 game caught my eye. The game was only $30, it was brand new, and Amazon was having a special "order now and get it by tomorrow" deal; so I went ahead and got it. Well about 24 hours later my door bell rang, I opened the door, and I found this sitting on my door step!

Although I would consider myself a Tales of fan, there are actually a lot of Tales of games I haven't played, and this deal on Tales of Legendia was just too good for me to pass up! I have been wanting to play the game for quite awhile now, but I just never had the time, and when I did I could never find the game in stores. Now days PS2 games are becoming less common (not even GameStop has the collection they used to have), and the Tales of games are even rarer on their own!

As of right now I'm still not too far into Legendia (about 2 hours), but I can say that this game shocked me! I have always heard that this was the "black sheep" of the Tales of series, and that it is normally considered one of the weakest entries. Unlike Symphonia, Legendia takes a step back, it uses chibi styled character models (reminds me a lot of them old PS1 games like Final Fantasy 7), there are random battles, and the battle system returns to the 2D style instead of the 3D style we are used to today. Even so I'm already finding the game to be shockingly fun! I'm liking the characters, the story is interesting, I like the music, and I really can't wait to see what the rest of the game has in store for me!

Although this is only the fourth Tales of game I've actually played, I'm sure it'll be one of my favorites in the series, and I'm hoping that it'll hold me over until Tales of Xillia finally comes out here in the west! (If it doesn't, guess I'll have to start tracking down Symphonia.... Man that isn't going to be an easy game to find!)

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