Microsoft IllumiRoom

Well, it turns out Microsoft is working on something a little bit different for next gen, and we are finally having our first look at it! Check out the new "Microsoft IllumiRoom" in action. (And thank you IGN for the video!)

So, what do you guys think? Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about this. While I think the effect idea could be used in some pretty nice ways, I also feel that it could be EXTREMELY distracting! I mean, to get this thing to even work right you would have to play the game in a dark room (or at night), and as the state in the video, it wont work perfectly for everyone. You're going to have different colors from the wall and furniture around your TV, and that's going to prevent you from seeing a perfectly clear image with the correct colors. Then, when it does work, are you really going to be able to focus on the game? While I do really like that snow effect, seeing the game shift and move around my walls might throw me off....

Well, anyway, what do you guys think? Like the idea, or think its just a flat out gimmick?

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