Fire Emblem Awakening: Galeforce Party Building Guide


Well today I decided to post something a little different. Instead of posting a news article, review, or a video, I decided to go ahead and post a full game guide for Fire Emblem Awakening! Now that the game is out world wide, I'm sure quite a few people would be interested in this; a guide on how to build a "Galeforce Party!"

Fire Emblem Awakening: Galeforce Party Building Guide

Table of Contents:

[*]FAQ Information

 [*-2]Version Info
[2]What is Galeforce?

 [2-1]Why is it important?
 [2-2]How do you get it?
[3]Passing it On

 [3-1]The Support System
 [3-2]Passing on Skills to Gen 2
 [3-3]Recruiting Children
[4]How to Build a Galeforce Party

 [4-1]Marrying off Chrom
 [4-2]Planning The Rest of Your Team
 [4-3]The Children
 [4-4]Pairing the Children
[5]Team Examples Male and Female MU
[6]Questions and Answers


[*]FAQ Information





Hey everyone, what's up? I'm NettoSaito and you are reading my Fire Emblem
Awakening: Galeforce Party Building Guide. Now although this is only my second
guide for GameFAQs, I am no stranger to the gaming world, and helping those
who are in need. I've been running a gaming blog for quite some time now
(Netto's Game Room), and writing gaming tips is just a part of the job.

So anyway, with that being said, I really hope this little guide helps you
out, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you have any
issues understanding the guide, if you notice any errors, or just want to
give me some feed back; please feel free to email me at:


[*-2]Version Info

Version 1.00 - 4/28/2013

This version is the complete guide. All information has been included, and
currently all questions have been answered; however this may change. In the
future issues may show up, and more questions may be asked. If this is ever
the case, I will in fact update this guide. Still, until then, this guide is
in fact complete.



Fire Emblem Awakening is the first Fire Emblem game to be released on the
Nintendo 3DS. It mixes 2D sprites with 3D maps and battle scenes, it allows
you to create your own character, it allows your characters to get married,
and it also allows you to change your characters classes anytime you want.
While some of these changes and features are simply graphical changes, others
are in fact part of the core gameplay. So, just where am I getting at you
might ask? Well, let me explain.

Unlike past games in the series, Awakening is a game that gives you complete
freedom over what happens. You have a world map where you can fight random
enemies, you truly can change your characters class to just about anything,
you can teach your characters different skills, and you can marry your units
to eachother to create child units as well. In short, you can flat out build
your team however you want, and because of that, pretty much everyone who
plays this game will end up with a unique team. So, that is why I decided to
write this guide; to help you guys choose just how to create that team.

Although there are many ways to build an amazing team in Awakening, a lot of
people will normally agree on one thing; you want to have as many units as
possible with the skill called "Galeforce." It is one of the best skills in
the game, and if you do everything right, you can make a truly amazing party.
Now, don't get me wrong, this guide isn't here to tell you what you HAVE to
do to make a Galeforce party, it is simply here to tell you how to do it. The
fact is, there's actually many different combos of units out there, so even if
you plan on playing this game your own way, you can still follow this guide.

Even though you will basically have complete freedom over your party, there
are still in fact a few guidelines and pairings you will HAVE to follow. Still
I'll be covering that later on in this guide. If you're already confused by
what I have told you, don't worry. You'll understand very soon... So let's
get started!


[2]What is Galeforce?

So, just what is Galeforce? Well, to put it simple, Galeforce is a skill in
Fire Emblem that only a select few female units can learn. It is a skill that
is learned when you get a "Dark Flier" to level 15, and it is also one that
can be passed down to the second generation of units. But, just why is it
important, and why have I written an entire guide just to help people build a
"Galeforce Party?" Well...


[2-1]Why is it important?

The reason Galeforce is an important skill is really quite simple. It is a
skill that allows you to move twice in the same turn IF you have killed an
enemy unit. See why it is important now? Well if not, let me go into farther

As you may already know, Fire Emblem Awakening is a Turn Based Strategy, and
normally you can only move each of your units once per turn. You can move
them across the map, and either attack an enemy unit, stop on a support panel,
open up a chest, open up a door, pair up with a unit, trade items with a unit,
or do a few other select commands. Still once you finish these commands, your
unit will be stopped dead in their tracks, and you will have to wait till your
next turn if you want to do anything else. With Galeforce, you will be given
a second move if you killed an enemy unit.

Now, at first this may not seem like that good of a skill, but hear me out.
While it is true when you first start the game you may not be killing every
enemy you attack, but if you follow this guide, or get later into the game,
you will in fact be getting at least one kill everytime you attack. Your units
will be come stronger, you'll be using the weapon triangle to know which enemy
you should be attacking, and you'll also get to the point where your units
will attack twice during a single attack. Heck, this can actually go even
farther! If your attacking unit is paired up with someone with an A or S
support level, that paired unit will be helping you attack as well. Not only
will your leading unit hit twice during an attack, their support will also
be striking twice, and this can even be farthered with the right weapon. Later
on in the game you can actually get weapons that allow each unit to stirke 4
times in a single move, and with your paired up unit you'll be striking a
total of 8 times instead.

So, either way you look at it, you WILL be killing EVERY enemy you attack with
just one move. You'll walk up to the enemy unit, you'll attack it, they'll
die, and thanks to Galeforce you'll be given another move. Now what do you do
with that second move? Well, why not attack another enmey? Really you could
take out two units in a single turn with just one of your units, and that will
save you a lot of time in the long run; however why stop there? That's just
one unit with Galeforce attacking twice, but what if you have an entire party
of Galeforce users, what then? Well, then you'll be clearing out entire maps
in just a few turns, that's what!

Either way you look at it, Galeforce is an amazingly strong skill, and it
will make quick work of your enemies on any setting. That is why it is
important, and why you'll want to get it.


[2-2]How do you get it?

Although I already touched on how you get the skill in the opening, there
really is a lot more too it than that. You see you're going to need to do
quite a bit of extra work, and that extra work will in fact turn into a grind.
While getting the skill is actually pretty easy, it will take about 30 minutes
or so (depending on the character), and that can become pretty boring. So, to
help with that, here's a mini guide with some quick tips to help you on the

(Note: I recommend working on this AFTER Chapter 14 of the main story. At
that point in the game most of the shops you need will be open, and you will
also have Chrom married off. If you are yet to reach Chapter 14, you may want
to read "[4-1]Marrying off Chrom" in this guide before you get anywhere near
it. Chrom has a few options on who he can marry, and if you want to build a
Galeforce party, there is one character you'll want to avoid marrying him to,
and that would be Sully. To put it simply, you can marry him to ANYONE besides

Step 1) Making Pegasus Knights

To get the Galeforce skill, you are first going to need to turn all of
your female units into the "Pegasus Knight" class. Now, keep in mind that
not all females will be able to become a Peagsus Knight (don't worry it is
easy to check which ones can or cannot become a PK), while some will in fact
start out as one. If your female unit started out as a Peagsus Knight, well
this step is already finished, and you can move onto step 2. If not, then
you'll want to keep reading.

In order to change a female into a PK/check if a female can become a PK, you
need to first get a "Second Seal." Now at the start of the game you'll be
given very few of these, but there is an easy way around this. If you have
married the character "Nowi" to another unit already, once you hit chapter 14
in the main story, a side chapter will open up to recruit her child "Nah."
After you have finished Nah's chapter, a shop will open up that does in fact
sell Second Seals. Still, this isn't until later on, so you might actually
want to hold off on this step until then. Marrying off the units is in fact
more important than getting Galeforce, so you may actually want to skip to
"[4]How to Build a Galeforce Party" in this guide. Still, before Nah's
chapter, you will come across a few Second Seals, so just make sure you make
them count.

Once you have a Second Seal, get your female unit to at least level 10, and
use the seal on them. At this point a list of classes the unit can become
will show up, and Pegasus Knight should be one of them. If this is not the
case, then the unit cannot become a Pegasus Knight.

Step 2) The Dark Flier

After you have turned your female unit into a Pegasus Knight, you are going
to have to do some grinding. The next step is to get the unit to level 10, and
change them into a Dark Flier. In order to do this, you'll need to first get
your hands on a "Master Seal" (which you can buy in shops around chapter 14),
and then you'll be able to use it on your PK. Just like before, a class change
screen will in fact pop up, but this time around there will be two choices.
The first choice is a Falcon Knight (which you may want to use LATER on), and
the second choice will be the Dark Flier. This is the class you MUST pick,
and it is where you will finally learn the Galeforce skill.

Step 3) Learning Galeforce

The final step is the easiest, but it also takes the longest; you are going to
have to grind your unit to level 15. Just with with every class in the game,
at level 15 the Dark Flier will learn its advance class skill, and in this
case you'll be learning Galeforce. Once you've got the skill, feel free to
do whatever you want with that unit. I'd recommend using another Second Seal
on them to class change them into whatever class you want. The good news is
since the Dark Flier class is level 15, the Second Seal will actually allow
you to change your character into any base OR promoted class, so you cut out
quite a bit of grinding as well!

Even so, this is only half of the battle. You are still going to need to do
this with all of your other characters, and you're going to have to build
supports, and pass on the skill to generation 2. Yep, this guide is just
getting started!


[3]Passing it On

The next step in building a Galeforce party is to know how to pass it on,
however that is going to take quite a bit of work, a lot of planning, and
you will need to fully understand just how the support system works.


[3-1]The Support System

In Fire Emblem Awakening the support system plays a key role. By having
stronger supports with characters, pairs will do better when they fight
together, and if you get supports high enough between a male and a female,
they will get married and produce a child. Now the units you pair together
will be VERY important, so I'm actually going to dedicate an entire section
to this later, but until then I'll explain how it actually works.

Every single time your units fight next to eachother, or in a pair, they will
gain support points. If you gain enough of these points between two units, a
special support conversation will open up in the support menu. The game has
three levels of supports between normal units (such as two male or female
units), but between most male and female units there will be a four support.
While supports C, B, and A are your standard friendship supports, the final
male x female only support is the S level. At this level the two characters
will admit they love eachother, they will get married, and that will cause
their child from the future to appear. This child will receive skills, stats,
and classes from its parents, and it will outclass your generation 1 units.


[3-2]Passing on Skills to Gen 2

If you want to pass a skill onto the second generation, there is one thing
you must remember, and it is something that is VERY easy to overlook. The
skills passed onto your unit's child depends on what skill is located in the
LAST SLOT of your skills. You see, every unit can equip a total of 5 skills
to be active in battle, and you can freely rearange them. If you want to pass
a skill onto your child, you simply make sure it is in the SLOT FIVE.

If you want to have a Galeforce party, it is EXTREMELY important that you
make sure every single female unit has Galeforce in slot five, and it is very
important that you double check that the child did in fact get the skill
before you recruit them and save your game. If the child shows up without
Galeforce, double check that you've got it in slot five.


[3-3]Recruiting Children

After you have made it to Chapter 14 in the main game's story, things begin
to change. Every time you marry your units, a new chapter will be opened up
on the world map. These chapters will be your child's chapter, and this is
when the generation 2 units are created. The moment you play that chapter,
your kid is generated, and the only way to undo it is to reload the game. At
this point you may want to hover over them on the world map to make sure they
have learned the skills you wanted them to learn, and if they have, you can
then recruit them by talking to them with their mother.


[4]How to Build a Galeforce Party

Now that I have explained all of the key basics required to understand this
guide, lets get to the real deal!


[4-1]Marrying off Chrom

Before you go off matching everyone up, it is first very important to decide
on just who Chrom should marry. The thing is Chrom has a few options to pick
from, but they aren't all the best choices. The Women Chrom can marry are:

-Female My Unit (Avatar)

And who you pick really depends on how you're playing the game. Now first of
all, if you are the Female Avatar, I STRONGLY recommend that YOU marry Chrom.
You see, the Female Avatar allows Chrom's children to become just about EVERY
class in the game, and it will also produce the strongest Lucina possible. If
you want to build a "Perfect Party," I strongly recommend this option. If you
are a Male Avatar however; your options are narrowed down to three.

If you're the Male Avatar you should either marry Chrom to Sumia, Olivia, or
Maribelle. While Sumia is the "canon" choice for Chrom (and the choice I
personally prefer), the other two work as well. The only problem is that Oliva
shows up the chapter it is too late, and because of that you'll REALLY have
to grind supports with her and Chrom. It is very easy to miss out on marrying
her, and that's one reason most people don't bother with it. Besides, there
are better options for Olivia, so you may just want to marry her to someone

Now as I said before, you do NOT want to marry Chrom to Sully. If this is
the case, Lucina will NOT learn Galeforce, and neither will Kjelle (who is
Sully's daughter). Marrying Chrom to Sully is the worst possible thing you
can do in the game, and it will put you behind other players. This really
isn't good if you plan on battling your friend's team with street pass.

So anyway, once you have picked a wife for Chrom, we can then move onto
building the rest of the party!


[4-2]Planning The Rest of Your Team

Okay so Chrom is taken care of, and you have either married off Sumia, Olivia,
or Maribelle, but even so they will still appear on this list. You know who
you married to who, so from now on it will be your job to keep track of
things. You may actually want to copy this list to make the pairing process

Now, the pairing process is going to be broken into a few groups. I'm going to
list who you MUST pair up, I'm going to list who you could pair up, and I'm
going to list a few other options you might want to consider as well. Still
before we get this part started, there is ONE rule you MUST understand!

When you pair units, you ALWAYS want to pair units together that you actually
like. You want to pair units you like with other units you like, and above all
these units that you like must be units that you ACTUALLY USE! You do NOT want
to pair you like and use all the time with a unit that you never use. This
will not only hurt your strategy, but it will hurt your party in general. So,
please keep that in mind, before you actually decide anything.

[Possible Male Avatar Pairings]

Now, personally I just recommend you marry your Avatar to whoever you want;
however, there are a few pairings you might want to consider. The thing is,
your Avatar's child can transform into every class that their sex can learn,
and this can really help out a few characters. You see, these character's
cannot learn Galeforce, and their kids can't either; however the Avatar
can fix that problem! So, if you want an extra character with Galeforce,
here's a few pairings you can do.

Male Avatar x Nowi
Male Avatar x Sully
Male Avatar x Tharja

All three of them combos will produce a daughter who can class change into a
Pegasus Knight, and learn Galeforce because of it. Still you don't have to
actually do this if you don't want to. Personally my favorite character to
marry is Cordelia, so I never paired with any of these either.

[Pairing Donnel]

Here you have a few options for the character Donnel, but this is something
you actually MUST do (well I strongly recommend it at least). For Donnel you
can do any of the following pairs.

Donnel x Nowi
Donnel x Sully
Donnel x Tharja

Just like with the Male Avatar, marrying one of these three girls with Donnel
will produce a daughter who can become a Pegasus Knight. This is something
you will really want to do if you care anything about the second generation.
Which you should.
[Pairing Gaius]

Gaius is another character who has a male only class which will pass down
to the second generation as the Pegasus Knight class, and just like the Male
Avtar and Donnel, you might want to concider one of the following pairs.

Gaius x Nowi
Gaius x Sully
Gaius x Tharja

Still, once again this is up to you. Personally I prefer to pair Gaius up with
another character, so this is something I normally don't do. Especialy since
I prefer to pair Tharja up with Henry, and Nowi isn't a character I normally
use. It is up to you though, so feel free to do whatever you want. If you
took my advice on marrying the MU, Donnel, and Gaius, then you'll have three
extra characters with Galeforce.

[Galeforce Pairs - Mix and Match]

The following are "Galeforce Pairs" you can create in generation 1. Really you
can do whatever you want here, but once again I recommend you pair up units
you actually use with eachother. I will also leave the MU out of this list.





[NON Galeforce Pairs - Mix and Match]

Once you have matched them up, you can then move onto the NON Galeforce pairs.
These are pairs where the females will NOT have Galeforce, and you will not
be able to pass down Galeforce to generation 2 with. Also keep in mind that
I listed Donnel's and Gaius' pairs on this list as well.


Sully (Unless Paired with Donnel or Gaius)
Nowi (Unless Paired with Donnel or Gaius)
Tharja (Unless Paired with Donnel or Gaius)


Gaius (Unless Paired with Sully, Nowi, or Tharja)
Donnel (Unless Paired with Sully, Nowi, or Tharja)
Once you have paired everyone off, gained Galeforce and put it into your
fifth skill slot, your children will be ready!


[4-3]The Children

If you have followed the pairing guide, you will have the following children.


-Morgan (if you have a Male Avatar)
-Lucina (Chrom's Daughter)
-Severa (Cordelia's Daughter)
-Cynthia (Sumia's Daughter)
-Kjelle (Sully's Daughter)
-Nah (Nowi's Daughter)
-Noire (Tharja's Daughter)


-Morgan (if you have a Female Avatar)
-Inigo (Olivia's Son)
-Owain (Lissa's Son)
-Brady (Maribelle's Son)
-Gerome (Cherche's Son)
-Yarne (Panne's Son)
-Laurent (Miriel's Son)

If you have followed the guide, made sure every female who could learn
Galeforce has Galeforce, then the following units will have it by default.

-Morgan (if Mother could learn Galeforce)

Do you notice anything? Yes, that's right, I listed three males on that list.
Although Galeforce is NORMALLY a female only skill since only females can
become a Pegasus Knight, they CAN and WILL still pass it down to their male
children! This is why it is very important that Galeforce was in slot number
five, because there is no way to undo it if you mess up. Sure the daughters
can just class change into Pegasus Knights and learn it on their own, but the
sons cannot.

Now if you listened to me about the Male Avatar, Donnel, or Gaius, then the
following daughters will be able to class change into Pegasus Knights
themselves, and learn Galeforce. Normally, this isn't possible, but like I
said, them three male characters were a special case.

-Kjelle (Sully's Daughter)
-Norie (Tharja's Daughter)
-Nah (Nowi's Daughter)

If you paired everyone up correctly, and did in fact pair the Avatar, Donnel,
and Gaius to Sully, Tharja, and Nowi, the units you will end up with, with
Galeforce will be as followed:

-Female Avatar

For a grand total of 15/16 Galeforce units. You could also recruit other units
from spotpass/streetpass, but for the sake of this guide, we are just going to
leave them out.


[4-4]Pairing the Children

The final step in all of this is to pair the children up, but that's something
you will have to do on your own; however I can give you some advice. The thing
is, basically all of your female children will have Galeforce (minuts a few
depending on what you did with the Avatar, Donnel, and Gaius), and so will
most of the male children. Basically only a few characters will be left
without Galeforce, and THEM are the units you'll most likely want to pair up.

If you pair Galeforce males with Galeforce females, you'll be creating pairs
that can move three times in a single turn (instead of twice), and that will
give you a MAJOR advantage! Just imagion if you're playing a map where the
goal is to simply kill the leader. You could move your Galeforce pair out,
kill the closest unit, move across the board, swap the characters around,
attack with the second member of the pair, then move for a THIRD time, and
most likely make it up to the leader. You could then kill the leader, and
finish the entire mission in a single turn. This will be the case for quite
a few of the DLC chapters, and it will really help you speed through them!

As for the characters who don't have Galeforce (both male and female units),
well, they won't be as useful. Sure you can still use them if you want, but
they will just be taking up space in your party. The best thing you could do
is to pair them up with a unit that has Galeforce (like you will have to do
for the generation 1 units), but that isn't the best choice. Still, it is up
to you to decide.


[5]Team Examples Male and Female MU

Now I know that the this guide may not have been the easiest to follow. If
you know little to nothing about Fire Emblem Awakening/just started playing
the game, you may be a bit confused; so I decided I'd go ahead and include
an example for both the Male and Female Avatar side. Now these examples are
actually based off of a team I built for myself, and one I built for my friend
with a few minor changes. Personally I didn't follow my guide 100% on all of
my playthroughs, so my "personal" team isn't truly a "Galeforce Party."

Also keep in mind that most of these pairings were also made by choice. They
may not produce the best possible units for you, so I don't recommend that you
follow this 100%. They are just examples to give you an idea of what you COULD

[Male Avatar Pairing Example]

(Gen 1)

MU x Nowi
Sumia x Chrom (One Has Galeforce)
Sully x Donnel
Lissa x Frederick (One Has Galeforce)
Cordelia x Lon'qu (One Has Galeforce)
Panne x Gregor
Olivia x Henry (One Has Galeforce)
Tharja x Gaius
Maribelle x Vaike (One Has Galeforce)
Cherche x Virion
Miriel x Stahl

(Gen 2)

Morgan x Owain (Both Have Galeforce)
Lucina x Inigo (Both Have Galeforce)
Severa x Brady (Both Have Galeforce)
Cynthia x Gerome (One Has Galeforce)
Nah x Yarne (One Has Galeforce)
Noire x Laurent (One Has Galeforce)

[Female Avatar Pairing Example]

(Gen 1)

MU x Chrom (One Has Galeforce)
Sumia X Frederick (One Has Galeforce)
Lissa X Libra (One Has Galeforce)
Sully x Donnel
Cordelia x Lon'qu (One Has Galeforce)
Panne x Gregor
Olivia x Henry (One Has Galeforce)
Tharja x Gaius
Maribelle x Vaike (One Has Galeforce)
Nowi x Ricken
Cherche x Virion
Miriel x Stahl

(Gen 2)

Kjelle x Morgan (Both Have Galeforce)
Lucina x Inigo (Both Have Galeforce)
Severa x Owain (Both Have Galeforce)
Cynthia x Brady (Both Have Galeforce)
Noire x Gerome (One Has Galeforce)
Nah x Yarne(No Galeforce)


As you can see, if you use a Female Avatar, you should end up with a stronger
party, with more Galeforce users. Not only can the Avatar become a PK, she can
marry Chrom and make Lucina one of the best characters in the game, and she
can pass Galeforce down to her son, creating an extra male for generation 2.
The only real downside to picking a Female Mu is the fact that at least one
of the three none Pegasus Knight girls (Tharja, Nah, and Sully) won't be able
to pass the class onto their daughter. Still it works out.


[6]Questions and Answers



A)Oh God... Well... Just how do I answer this one? I mean I don't even know if
this is a joke or not, but whatever. The Nintendo 3DS is a Nintendo handheld
video game console and the successor to the Nintendo DS. It has a top screen
which can display games with a 3D effect, and a bottom touch screen, and it
is the system this game must be played on.



A)Ha, well, there's two places I tend to grind. The first is the Prologue,
and the second is Paralogue 4. While the Prologue has weaker enemies that can
help you level your units to level 10, Paralogue 4 is a completely boxed in
map. Here the enemy must fight your units one on one, and you can easily clear
the entire map with a single pair. Not only is the EXP fast, but every 2-3
runs on this map should also get you another support level for your pair.


Q)Where can I grind low level characters the best?

A)Check out the question above this one, but it really is best to try and
level up each character equally as you go through the story chapters.


Q)Are there some classes that are useless?

A)Well, I wouldn't say there are useless ones, but chances are you won't even
use half of them. I mean, sure, all of the classes can be useful, but
sometimes you won't even bother with them. For example you could become a
Berserker and use an ax, but you could also become a Wyvern Lord as well.
It uses an ax to attack, but it is a flying unit. Then again it is also weak
against magic, so maybe the Berserker would be your better option. Even so,
that is up for you to decide. YOu WILL completely ignore some classes, while
others you will be using all the time. While you may want to change to other
classes to get their skills, that may be the only time you'll actually use
that class.

On a side note, you may actually want to class change your male characters
into male only classes to get some skills to pass down to their daughters.


Q)Can some "useless" characters become useful?

A)Wow, another question asking about useless things. Anyway, once again, it
is really up to you to decide if they are useless or not. I mean you CAN make
a character useless by not pairing them up, turning them into a class you
don't need, and by giving them weak weapons, but that's your fault. If a
character just doesn't work out for you, you could try changing their class,
or you could pair them up with another unit you find "useful." Like I said
during the guide though, your non Galeforce users won't be as useful.


Q)Can I marry Anna or Tikki or Say'ri?

A)Yes YOU can, but no, your other units cannot. Only the Avatar can marry
extra characters such as these, and that includes the download paralogue
character's as well. For the sake of this guide, and for the sake of not
spoiling them, I'm not going to even say who they are. You'll figure it out
when you get there! (Note: Their child will be Morgan, and only Morgan.)




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use on the following websites.

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Well that's it for this guide! I just wanted to thank Nintendo for releasing
such a great game, and I would like to thank all of you for reading as well!

Also I'd like to give a shoutout to GlacialLeaf and Cheerfuljochan over at
Netto's Game Room! Thanks for getting me back into Fire Emblem Awakening. Now
I'm addicted to it again...... Darn you!


- NettoSaito -

Copyright 2013

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