New Luigi U - Update

Another small update, but an important one! Last Nintendo Direct Nintendo talked about the New Luigi U DLC for New Super Mario Bros U. This DLC replaces all of the levels from the main game with brand new levels, and the game focuses on Luigi; however they didn't really talk about what the game would actually be like.

It turns out the Luigi in this DLC will be the Luigi seen in "Super Mario Bros 2," and in the GBA Mario games. He'll have his higher jump (where he kicks his legs to gain air and stay in the longer), and he will also slip and slide as he runs. This will not only allow Luigi to reach areas Mario couldn't, but it will also make controlling him more of a challenge. On top of that ALL stages will have a 100 second time limit, and stages will be challenging!

To sum it up, New Luigi U will be a challenging "game," and is sure to push everyone to their limits!

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