Donkey Kong Country Returns - Update

Once again, another small update. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was announced last Nintendo Direct as well, and this time around Nintendo wanted to fill us in on the new features the 3DS version will have. While the 3DS version will include the original game, it will also include a "New" mode which features a few changes. This mode is there to make the game easier, and more fitting for on the go gaming.

First of all the new mode will provide you with more health. While the original game started you out with 2 hearts and let you upgrade to three hearts, New Mode starts you out with three hearts and allows you to upgrade to five hearts. Second of all new mode will also feature a wide verity of items to help make the game easier as well. While one item is a balloon that carries you up to a platform if you fall off the cliff and die, another item allows you to take more than one hit with the mine cart.

Besides making the game easier, there will also be a brand new world to play through as well! Once you complete the game this new set of levels becomes unlocked, and is sure to give long time fans a reason to pick up the new 3D version.

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