Nintendo Bringing Japanese Games to the West

As you may or may not have heard, Nintendo is currently working with Japanese game developers to help bring Japanese exclusive games to the West. If you have been following any news concerning any of these Japanese games, I'm sure you already have heard the news, but it seems Nintendo would still like to remind us of them.

The first of these games is the Final Fantasy title "Bravely Default." Created in the style of the PlayStationOne Final Fantasy games, and The 4 Heroes of Light on the Nintendo DS, Bravely Default has a unique style of 3D models, prerendered backgrounds, and it also features flashy turn based battles. The game features a wide verity of endings, a wide verity of classes you can turn your characters into, and it also features a brand new battle system where you can either choose to attack, or skip your turn for bonuses. Although the game has been out for quite awhile in Japan, it wont be coming to the US until 2014.

The second game Nintendo is helping bring over is actually a series of games. Remember awhile back when I reviewed Liberation Maiden and mentioned that it was a part of a collection of games called "Guild01?" Well it turns out Nintendo will be bringing over the second series of games as well, aka, Guild02! Guild02 features three games, and each one is unique.

The first of which is a game called "The Starship Damrey." In this game you explore a dark spaceship with no guidance what so ever. You search the ship, uncover clues, and try to figure out just what happened and why you are there. It is a graphical adventure game that takes place from the first person point of view, and it seems to be the most interesting out of the three.

The second game is a game by Inafune (who most know as the father of Mega Man), and is called Bugs Vs Tanks. In this game you control a WWII era tank that has been shrunk down to the size of a bug. Yep, that about sums it up! You fight off bugs with tanks, and that is all there really is too it. It's a sort of top down arcade shooter, and is sure to be a nice mini game. Great for you arcade fans out there!

The third and final game is unique game called "Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale." In this game you live out the life of a young boy in a world where the monsters from Japanese monster movies come to life every Friday. It is a unique game where the story unfolds in the events around you.

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