Yoshi's Island 3D

Yoshi's Island 3D is the 3rd entry in the Yoshi's Island series which started way back on the Super Nintendo. Originally titled "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island," Yoshi's Island has since grown into a series of its own with quite the large fan base!

Although currently not much is known about Yoshi's Island 3D, we do know that it is a Yoshi's Island game. The game will focus on Yoshi carrying Baby Mario on his back, and you will be able to use a wide verity of moves to protect him. Yoshi will be able to eat enemies to turn them into eggs, he will be able to throw the eggs at other enemies, he will be able to use his standard hover jump, he will be able to use his ground pound ability, and once again the health system will in fact be Baby Mario. Instead of taking damage when getting hit, Yoshi will be completely fine while Baby Mario floats out into the sky. If you can save Baby Mario before time runs out you can keep on going, but if you lose Baby Mario it is game over. As for the game's art style, well, it is a little bit different.

The Yoshi's Island series has always been known for its style. It uses a unique hand drawn art style, and because of that just about everything pops. The world feels alive, the music is great, and the entire experience is just flat out enjoyable; however it seems this time around they are doing things differently. While the game still retrains some of that hand drawn sketchy style, the game is in fact in 3D. Enemies and objects pop out, while the rest of the world seems to be flat. It is a 2.5D style Nintendo has been using for quite awhile now, but it still may take quite awhile to get used to.

Yoshi's Island 3D will also feature quite a few new features as well, such as a brand new giant egg, but we'll have to wait for Nintendo before we learn anymore. Will the other babies be making their return? Well it is hard to say, but personally I'm hoping this game will take the series back to its roots!

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