NGR Forums Now Open!

After a few days of work, our "little project" is finally open to the public; the Netto's Game Room Forums! Yep, that's right! Although we did have some forums back at Capcom-Unity, we decided that it was time that we finally opened some of our own. Although the are still in fact being worked on, all of the core systems are set up, and it is finally ready for "public beta" testing!

Now the forums are in fact a general gaming forum, so they have been made to cover just about every topic. Please feel free to either post in some of the discussion topics we have already set up, or you could make your own as well! Just keep in mind that it'll take awhile before these forums group into anything massive, but every member counts, and every post helps!

Also, please keep in mind that in order to use the forums you will need to sign up. Registration is quick and easy, and should only take you about two minutes at most (unless you want to fill out your full profile field, that may take some time). If you want to access the forums you can either click the link to the left, or you can go to the following URL.

Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you all again soon!

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