Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zelda "Link to the Past 2" has Light and Dark World!

Nintendo has officially confirmed that the new Legend of Zelda game will in fact have a Light and Dark World. Since the game is in fact a sequel to the SNES classic "Link to the Past," many fans were wondering just how the game would be. Originally Nintendo said nothing about the Dark world (which played a major role in the original), but they did state the game would feature new areas to explore. Now that we know the Dark World will in fact be returning, you cannot help but wonder how they will pull it off.

 Although details are still limited, at least we do know a few things for sure. The game will have new areas, the Dark World will return, and the new areas will most likely have a Light and Dark version. There's also a pretty good chance that there will be new puzzles and ways to navigate through the Dark World as well; especially since Link can now turn into a 2D drawing and walk along the walls. Fans of the original may remember having to backtrack to find a way around a blocked off section in the Dark World, but with this new ability, Nintendo might need to find new ways to slow our progression.

Despite Nintendo not having a show at E3 2013, lets hope they at least release some more information then. Maybe a playable demo as well!