Persona 3 - The Movie

For the past few days the world of gaming news has basically been about one thing; the Xbox One. Scam sites have opened up claiming they are sign ups to help test the Xbox One, rumors about how it will handle used games have been popping up left and right, minor details about some of the games we could expect are showing up, and we have learned that the Xbox One will apparently check to make sure you have an internet connection at least once each day. Really if you go to any gaming website right now, or even, this is what you'll be hearing about. So, instead of truly reporting on the Xbox One, I decided to switch gears for a moment.

Today I wanted to take a step back, and talk about something completely different. I want to talk about a movie for a game that was released on the PlayStation 2. Now I'm sure if you're a die hard fan of the series you already know about it, but if you've just played the games there is a chance that this will be new news to you. So, what game am I talking about? Well, none other than Persona 3!

After playing through the game recently, and after talking about it quite a bit with another fellow Game Room writer (Lugia), it got me thinking. We are always posting game reviews here on the blogs, or talking about gaming news, but its just flat out rare for us to ever discuss a video game that is becoming an anime, or to discuss movie versions of said games. Since not too long ago I just posted a Persona 4 Golden review, I figured the timing would be right to bring you guys up to speed on this as well.

If you don't already know, Persona 3 is a JRPG which was released on the PlayStation 2. It mixes visual novel life sim elements with dungeon crawling gameplay, and is one of the few RPGs out there that really pulled players into the game. It made it feel like you were a part of the world, and that you were truly living the game. Due to its gameplay, and story, Persona 3 became one of the most well known RPGs out there, and finally after all these years it is getting an anime movie; or rather, a few anime movies.

Check out the trailer for "Movie 1"

(Warning: Persona 3 is an M rated game, and the following trailer may contain content not suitable for all ages.)

Now currently not much is known about the films, but each one seems to be dedicated to different parts of the story. Persona 3 took place over a year, and with the first movie being called "Spring of Rebirth," it is pretty clear that it will at least cover Spring. Other than that, we do know that the main character's name has been changed as well. Originally the main character wasn't given an official name, but when the manga came out he was dubbed "Minato Arisato;" however it seems this will be changed. His new name will now be "Makoto Yuki."

Although details are still limited, every full moon the movie's official twitter is updated with details about the movie. Over the summer more information will be revealed, and in the fall the movie will finally hit theaters in Japan. While no US release date has been announced, it is pretty safe to assume that we will get it one day.

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