Xbox One Announced

Just a few minutes ago the Xbox "720" event just ended, and some of our questions were answered. It turns out the new Xbox console will be called "Xbox One," and that's really all there is to report on. The entire show was dedicated to showing off the new Windows 8 like OS, and how you can have more than one app running at a time, and the rest of the press event was to show off all of its TV features. You can voice command the Xbox One to turn on different channels, you can check our your favorite shows, you can watch movies, and so on. Basically, every feature they showed off is an "updated" version of what the current Xbox 360 capable of. The event showed just how the Xbox One would work as a general media device in your living room, and that is about it.

Although 15 exclusives were announced (8 being new IPs), only two were teased, and no gameplay was actually shown off. We got to see a live action video for their new game about some girl with a strange power, we got to see some of Forza, and EA Sports teased some of their upcoming sports games as well. (Note: the next Maden is called "Maden 25" apparently.) Other than that not much else was shown off besides another teaser for the upcoming Call of Duty Ghost. The development team simply talked about how they can now create realistic models which show off cuts and scratches on the characters, and they also talked about how they wanted to develop a more personal story. That's all that was really said about the game, and the teaser was pretty short as well (and did not show off any actual gameplay).

A Halo live action TV series was also announced during the event, but the details are very limited. Steven Spielberg will be the one working on the show, but we don't even know what the story will cover, or what channel it will even be on. Even so that was the most interesting piece of news during the entire event.

As for the One itself, basically all of the rumors we've heard for the past year are true. It comes with the new version of Kinect, the Kinect has a 1080p camera and can track more movements (just as the rumors said), the console has a Blu-ray player (just like the rumors stated), it uses a cloud service (once again a feature brought up in the "leaked document"), and even the Xbox TV service turned out to be true. What wasn't even discussed; however, is what everyone was wanting to know. Do you really need an internet connection to use the console, and is it true that games are on bluray discs and only used to install games and then throw away? It seems Microsoft wanted to avoid talking about how games work in general, so we really have no idea if this part of the leaked document was true or not. Even so, with everything else being confirmed, things don't look too good....

Well until E3 that's all we really know about the Xbox One, so we will just have to wait until then.

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