Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome to Bruhl!

Well for the past few days I've been posting Animal Crossing: New Leaf related posts, but today's post is something you can actually interact with! I've you've unlocked the ability to enter "Dreams" in Animal Crossing, you can now visit Bruhl; my (Netto) very own town! Simply enter in the following code, and let your dreams take you away!

The code is 4400-2136-8337. Once you enter this code, you will enter a virtual version of Bruhl where you will be free to do whatever you want. Just keep in mind that this is a virtual town, so none of the changes you make to it will be saved, and I will not be able to see you interacting with it either. The moment you leave the world, everything will be reset, and the town will remain as it once was.

Also while you're there, feel free to take a copy of one of our Netto's Game Room shirts as well!

On a side note, I would also like to announce that "Netto's Daily Challenges" will be returning very soon! You can expect to see them back on either the 20th or 21st of this month.

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