Visited Akia Village Today

So, how many of you have heard of the infamous Akia Village? Well, if you haven't, let me explain. Akia Village is a fan created town in Animal Crossing which can be accessed in the Dream World if you have the code. That is how I was able to access this world for myself, and explore its mystery.

It's a Japanese town that tells the story of a little girl, and her happy family. This little girl loves her mom and dad, and they live in a nice big house. However; this happiness does not last. Soon after the little girl's birthday, things begin to change.

Sadly her dad passes away for "some reason," and both the little girl and her mom are sent into depression as something new haunts their life. Their once happy life had quickly came to an end, and the little girl slowly began to lose her mind. As you walk through the village, the little girl will show up a few times, always saying the same thing. "I love my mom." Although, things may seem okay at first, each time you talk to her, her speech gets a little more twisted. Although she continues to say "I love my mom," she begins mixing alphabets together, and it becomes clear that she is slowly losing it.

After her mother kills herself, the little girl's mind is shattered. She has lost everything in her life, and her mental state begins to weaken. Her home quickly changes from the once bright and warm place, into a cold room of utter madness. Why did things end up this way?

She has been left all alone in the world, and she now feels abandoned. The poor girl continues to live her lonely life, with her only friend in the world being the one who caused it all; all of her pain and suffering.

The doll. The doll was behind it all. It was given to the little girl on her birthday, and soon came to life. After seeing how much love the little girl's parents were given her, it became filled with hatred for her. Before the family knew it, the doll raised an axe, and began its rampage.

Not only has this little girl's entire world change, her town has as well. The doll had ruined everything. What started out as wonderful town filled with flowers, is now a wasteland.

And that my friends sums up my entire visit in the small village of Akia! It's a sad and depressing place, but I recommend checking it out as soon as possible. It was actually a pretty well thought out story, and you can really tell that the creator put a lot of hard work into making it. The way the town is set up, it will guide you from house to house, with little to no room to break off from the beaten path. Even if you don't understand Japanese, just remember that all she says is "I love my mom" and you'll be able to understand the rest just fine. 

On top of that, there is quite a bit more story for you to discover. I won't ruin it for you, but I recommend searching every inch of the town to see what you can find. I recommend swimming to the beach myself.

To visit the town just enter the following code: 2600-0218-7298

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