CJ's Random corner: A childhood anime.

Hello there readers!

CJ here with another edition of random corner! Today I wanted to share with you a old anime that I re watched recently and is what I consider a cult classic from the 80's (although I personally watched it in the 90's). The anime is called Silver fang or aka: Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin and tells the tale of a young bear hunter dog called Gin and his quest on taking down the demon bear Akakabuto, here is the intro of the series (fun fact this is my favorite anime intro of all time and mostly because of the kick ass song):

Yes the sub in this video is indeed in Swedish.

The song is basically telling you how you should stand up for yourself and take on challenges bigger then yourself. Its just a inspiring and good song.

Well readers if you are interested in classic action series then you definitely need to watch Silver fang.

That is all from my random corner until next time readers have a awesome day!

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