Persona 5 Domain Registered

With all of the legal and money issues Atlus' parent company has been going through; many people have been worried about how this might affect their games. Well, it looks like it has had little to no impact at all! Index Corporation has finally registered a brand new domain name, and this time around it is for a game many fans have been waiting for; Persona 5.

Over the past few years news concerning Persona 5 has been quite limited. As of right now all we know is that the game will run on a new engine, we know that the ideas and themes used in the game have already been set in stone, and that development of the game has already started. On top of that the newest entry in the series Persona 4 Arena has a cliffhanger ending of sorts. Although it has not been confirmed if Persona 5 will in fact continue from where Persona 4 Arena left off, there is a pretty good chance that this will be the case. To top things off, a new Golden Ending was added into Persona 4 Golden which was added in to give us a small peak at the future.

Although the domain being registered doesn't tell us anymore about the game, it is good to know that the project is still in fact in the works, and that we might also receive some new information soon.

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